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SHAKS S2i/S3i/S5i supporting four (4) modes, Android / Windows / iOS, and Mapping, each mode of which is recognized individually by its corresponding host game device. For example, when SHAKS is in android mode, it will connect to your android smartphone/tablet, it works like an “android Gamepad”. But, if you connect it to a windows PC, it does not work correctly, because SHAKS says “I am in android mode”, but the PC can’t hear it, although its Bluetooth connection is made.

Compatible Device & Service

Button layout & Status indication by LED

When the power is on, even if you change the mode on the side, the mode will not change. Please follow the 3 steps in each mode setting - Change to the desired mode and press 'Power button' for a long time to turn the power off and on to apply it.

Connect your device

Once you correctly choose the mode, power on, and BT pairing