The applicable version : V1.1E (Buid 47)

Introduction of Mapping Services


Shaks Gamehub application Download and Installtion

Connect to your phone

Set your gamepad into Mapping Mode

Mapping and Android mode are two different modes. Android phones can pair each one of two-mode. Switching between two-mode (Android ↔ Mapping), please DELETE the previously paired log, and pairing newly once again. Please click to see the mode and paring section in each model's manual. Unless switching the model, it can be repaired automatically previously set.

S2i User Manual

S3i User Manual

S5i User Manual

(🩸attention) Connected, but appearing "mode(error)" message

Run application and allow edit right

Install GameHub app and allow permission so that Shaks can do mapping over the screen.

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How to do Mapping

Playing Game